2014. november 12., szerda

Jacek Smolicki: Media ethnography of the self in space

2014.11.13. 17:00 Central European University, Zrínyi utca 14 3rd floor room 311

 Jacek Smolicki from the Malmo University, School of Arts and Communications will present some of his artistic projects and documentary practices in
which he explores subjects such as space, memory, transience and the archive. The
latter is a key figure in his current research which he interrogates through a practical
immersion into a set of counter-archival practices He has been performing since 2009.
The On-Going Projects - as he calls them - can be seen as an attempt to craft his own
syntax of everyday life by regularly performed activities of collecting and recording
different sensory impressions related to his being in a broader, social and environmental

He has a background in interdisciplinary art and design (Krakow
University, Stockholm University). In his recent works he has been focusing on
conceptualizing and implementing methods of working with archival practices and
memory in the context of public space and locative media. Since 2008, he has been
actively performing his own ongoing archival activities aiming at documenting his
presence in relation to the public sphere. As of the fall 2013, Jacek has been appointed as
a member of the Living Archives research project and a PhD candidate at the School of
Arts and Communications, Malmö University in Sweden. His research looks into informal
archiving practices conducted by artists, amateurs and activists.

More info and works: www.smolicki.com

This events are organized by The Comparative Urbanism Workshop and the TechLab of
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.

He was also the guest of MOME TechLab was running the 4-day workshop titled "Archiving the Ephemeral". In the workshop mock-ups were prepared to demonstrate how to preserve and recall the disappearing, subtitle aspects for the future - in this case of the MOME campus being rebuilt. Final results were shown on Thursday at MOME.

Further pictures:

The talk and the workshop is made possible by the VUSG in the framework of the "Museum of the Future in the Visegrad Countries” course at MOME.

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