2016. március 29., kedd

Hologram, VR, AR, and More - Interactive experiences in a science museum

Otto Banyák (Strategic, SK)

The Energoland exposition at Mochovce (Slovakia) employs a broad range of digital technologies to explain how electrical energy may be produced.  In 33 engaging interactive sections visitor learn “by doing”: one can simulate a variety of physical and chemical phenomena in a virtual environment, explore in 3D the development of the Earth  since formation of the solar system to the  vision of the near future. Tens of thousands visitors and a number of international awards prove the merit of digital technologies at the exhibition, provided by the company Strategic.
The talk will introduce a variety of modern technologies to be exploited in museums and exhibitions, with emphasis on using them in harmony with the content and visuals.  Specific solutions and possibilities of virtual and augmented reality will be discussed.

About the speaker
Otto Banyák graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Department of Visual Communication. Before joining Strategic, he had  worked as a graphic and motion designer in advertising, until settling in Strategic. In addition to animation, his current interests include production of 360° videos for virtual reality.
Strategic is a Bratislava-based company engaged in development and design of nonstandard, original solutions and forms of presentations,  focused on digital interactive media. In 2015 the company received the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award.

April 6 Wednesday
Room A104
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25.

More info:
about Strategic https://strtgc.at/en/  
about Energoland: https://energoland.seas.sk/energoland-en