2014. október 10., péntek

Michaela Buchtová: Immerse and Engage – Technology Enhanced Cultural Heritage Applications

2014. 10. 16. 15:30 MOME A104

Digital technologies have great potential to disseminate information on a large scale and in an interactive form, by engaging the audience. The talk will introduce new technologies and their possible usage in the presentation of cultural heritage. Interactive video mapping, immersive technologies and educational games supported by mobile devices will be demonstrated with illustrative examples. For two projects: the Interactive Monument for Victims and Survivors of Holocaust and a location-based game for chateau Veltrusy in the Central Bohemian Region near the banks of the Vltava River, the process of development and implementation will be discussed in detail.

MICHAELA BUCHTOVA PHD works as Assistant Professor at Charles University Prague, Department of New Media Studies. She earned her BA in Sociology and MA in Adult Education and defended her dissertation thesis in the area of Digital Game Based Learning. In 2009 she co-founded a non-profit organization M77, where she develops projects stimulating use of digital media in education and art.

Links: http://m77.cz/mgame/

The link of her presentation:

Further projects:

The lecture was made possible by the Visegrad University Studies Grant, in the framework of the "Museum of the Future in the Visegrad Countries"course at MOME.

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