2010. november 11., csütörtök

At whom should we direct our anger?

or alternative design strategies

24 Nov. 2010., 16:30 - MOME Zugligeti út 9-25., A104

Annelys de Vet is an independent graphic designer and head of the design department of the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam "Masters Rietveld Academy. Her work explores the role of design in relation to the public and political discourse. In the media-society we now live in, designing is no longer about shaping information, but about how to deal with information. Not the medium is the message states De Vet, but the mentality. Among others, she published several books concerning the representation of cultural and national identity: 'The subjective atlas of the EU, from an Estonian point of view™ (Tallinn, 2004), ˜The public role of the graphic designer™ (Design Academy Eindhoven, 2006),  ˜Subjective atlas of Palestine™ (010 Publishers, 2007) and ˜Subjective atlas of Serbia™ (Dom Omladine, 2009).


Currently she is working on a 'Subjective atlas of Hungary' with Hungarian artists and designers, hosted by KIBU. In her presentation at MOME De Vet will show a selection of her projects that invest in possibilities on how design can be used in order to demonstrate critical citizenship and contribute to a more democratic culture.

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