2012. március 12., hétfő

Emerging Art & Technology Practice: New Aesthetic Ecologies of Interactivity

Brigitta Zich, a researcher and programme director of Digital Media at Culture Lab Newcastle (UK) is the special guest of the upcoming TechTea.

In her presentation about interactivity in contemporary technology-based art and design, she is inviting us to better understand how interactive applications hold novel potentials of technology and how nonconventional approaches to user's experience might challenge current trends. Her research aims at purely scientific or social approaches to technology and introduce new aesthetic frameworks for technology-based practices.

As member of Culture Lab New Castle she will also provide a  short overview of how interdisciplinary production happens in such emerging media lab environments.

Brigitta Zics's web pages: www.cognitiveloop.org, www.zics.eu
Culture Lab: http://culturelab.ncl.ac.uk/home

2012. Április 4. 17
Zugligeti út 9-25.

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