2013. október 9., szerda

Mobile Technology and the Museum

2013. 10. 16. at 16.30 on MOME, room A104

The talk will discuss the different ways of using mobile technologies in museums and other GLAM (Gallery-Library-Archaive-Museum) institutions. First a typology of different kinds of mobile solutions, according to the context of their use, will be outlined. Then by examples the speakers will analyze how GLAM institutions can benefit from the new technologies in a sustainable and innovative way, broadening access and promoting openness - which are at the core of their social role.

The presentation will explore the role mobile technologies can play in the museum sector, taking into consideration all the changes that the digital revolution has brought not only to the cultural institutions but more generally to the way we live, communicate, interact with others and with our heritage.

Speakers: Dorota Kawecka and Aleksandra Janus from Jagiellonian University Krakow


Varso 44 SmartPhone

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The lecture is made possible by the Visegrad University Studies Grant, in the framework of the "Museum of the Future inthe Visegrad Countries" course at MOME.

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